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Night Club


"l'm really digging your band. You guy's sound great together and l can't wait to hear the CD. Keep up the good work." - TC, Sacramento, California

"Reverse Dunk is a good jazz band.  I liked them very much". - PV, Dominican Republic

"They are GREAT....AMAZING!" - TC, Hollywood, Florida

"In my opinión, I think Reverse Dunk is on the verge of becoming a very popular Smooth Jazz Fusion Band.  I like very much this kind of music.  Good luck to them and I would like know when their CD comes out." - MPR, Spain

"Its a real drop of beautiful music.  Best Congratulations...Continue to the top, man.  My best most respect...Love You Angels!!" 💜🙏- RX, Sanaa, Yemen

"These are some great musicians.  I like to see those who can play really well like these guys."  OH, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Awesome band!  I love their music and recommend Reverse Dunk!!!" - JM, Labasa, Fiji

"I Love the sound of this group!" - MB, Aledo, Texas

"Wow!  The music is so clean some good groove going on!" - IR, Jamaica

"Fantastic! Very good! Come to Brazil you will be very successful. - CS, SaoPauloBrazil

"Hello! I am a fan of Smooth Jazz Fusión, Soul and Iike your Band very much. Congratulations!" - MR, Spain

"Smooth sounds, great vibes, good energy Pros!" - ST, Erie, Colorado

"Super Love Their Music!" - AO, Czech Republic

" I Like Reverse Dunk...Good Energy, Very Exciting Sound!" - MJEP, Quezon City, Philippines

"I Love Your Music...Congratulations and Good Luck!" - AD, Castelo Branco, Portugal

"Beautifully played notes that delight our ears, and speak to the soul." - CR,  Ecuador


"I really like this genre! Love to hear good jazz..Love Music!" - LP, Santiago, Philippines

"What a good jazz band!!!! I love it!!!! "- AA, Mendoza, Argentina

"This music and band are so very good!" - AD, The Philippines

"Thank You for Your Music!" - AL, Rijeka, Croatia

"Sounding so good my musical brothers!" - DW, Glen Rock, New Jersey

"Wonderful music.  I Love It!" - AOL, Teresopolis, Brazil

"I like your band and wish you great success on your concert tour!" - OR, Valparaiso, Chile

"Thank you for the extremely wonderful music...Excellent!" - HOB, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herz.

"The Band is really tight.  It was music to my ears! - JR, Brighton, Colorado

"A very good show!" - EFB, Colatina, Brazil

"A Big Greeting from Chile with Hugs to All" - TC, Chile

"They are Great.  Thank you for sharing your Art" - EA, Mexico

"Thank you very much from Argentina and fan of Maceo Parker. Hug" - DDN, Argentina

"A music that enriches the soul with its beautiful rhythm!" - SAA, Saudi Arbia

"WOW! So very Accomplished, Awesome and Impressive!" - MJZ, Baltimore, Maryland

"Great Music!" - MV, Scottsdale, Arizona

I Love the Cool Music!" - RD, The Philippines

"Awesome..Right On!" - JZ, Palestine

"I Like It..."REVERSE DUNK",,!!!!😮😑😅" - CPA, Zamboanga City, Philippines

"Jazz excellence ... Gifted musicians, all!" - GW, Lake Havasu, Arizona

"The top of Magnificence and Beauty!" - اتي‎ , Arabia

"Excellent Work.  Worthy of admiration!" - NEBM, Venezuela

"Reverse Dunk is very nice. I really like this kind of jazz" - RM, Guayaquil, Ecuador

"Excited to discover Reverse Dunk...very relaxing/carefree to me.” - EB, Puyallup, Washington

"Many Applause...Tops!!! I love jazz” - BSP, Sao Luis, Brazil

"What a delight of music!!!🎵😮😍” - OS, Bogota, Colombia

"I Like Your Guys Work!!" - AM,  Accra, Ghana

"Very relax early spectacular divine,divine,divine I congratulate you."- MO, Mexico

"Good musicians loved! 👏👏👏" - VKL, Brazil

"I Really Like It!!! - TL, Samoa

"Well Done...Very Beautiful!😍" - SS, Yangon, Myanmar

"What Beautiful Music!" - SRC, San Juan de los Morros, Venezuela

"These boys are very good!" - WOA, Argentina

"I Really Love The Music!" - CK, Lae, Papua New Guinea

"Really Good Music!" - RK, Geita, Mwanza, Tanzania

"The best tone is a music tone played by a loving human heart!" - ابو احمد العربيAleppo, Syria

"Very good music!"🆗👍👍👍👍🌹🌹" - LA, Maastricht, The Netherlands

"Delight for the eyes and ears do very well the soul thank you!" - CD, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

"I’m listening to 'Grenada' and love the song. I also enjoyed your version of Brian Culbertson’s,   'Get It On'.  All your stuff is right up my alley". - PB, Ashland, OR

"Wonderful, I like Reverse Dunk very much! But how can us contact you pls?" - ST, Algeria

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